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“My seminars provide a unique educational experience. I teach you how to paint in acrylics or oils. You learn the basics: brush strokes; double-loading and blending; and the proper preparation of surfaces. Learn how to paint leaves, marvelous fruits and flowers. You even learn some glass techniques and some fabric painting.” – Priscilla

Priscilla plants the artistic seeds that need only practice and patience. Priscilla’s seminars are extremely valuable to both the beginner and the more advanced painter. Her methods teach the new and strengthen the experienced.

“I love to teach a complete beginner, they’re probably the most wonderful, for there’s so much to learn, and it’s so exciting to see them develop.” – Priscilla

2015 Convention Schedule -
Coming Soon!


Check back with us as we begin to shedule dates and times at some of the nation's best decorative painting conventions! We will post conventions here as soon as we have our schedule finalized!

For more information about Priscilla attending these conventions, contact us here!

2015 Seminar & Workshop Schedule - Priscilla's Painting Studio
*All dates are subject to change.

As of this moment, I have no seminars booked for 2015 why???
Becuase it's my 75 birthday year and I plan to travel most of the year visiting my children, grandchildren, and friends all over the world! WILL I TEACH AGAIN? OF COURSE I WILL!!!

Keep checking the website for updated information. I will be teaching at some trade shows, so please check back with us for more information!

Please Read This Information Carefully

  • Limited availability of 3 students per seminar.
  • Seminars are 3 days long. Class time is from 9am-4pm daily. Students will receive homework assignments during the seminar.
  • Seminar tuition is $300 US dollars for each seminar, plus any surfaces, or supplies you may need.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required for each seminar and will only be refunded if the seminar is cancelled. In the unlikely event that we cancel the seminar, you will receive a refund of your deposit.
  • A list of supplies and items to bring will be mailed to you upon seminar registration confirmation. 
  • A lovely Certificate will be awarded to you upon completion of the seminar.
  • Reasonable lodging is available near our seminar location. Lodging information is sent to you upon seminar registration confirmation. 
  • Cameras are allowed if used with proper discretion, but please ask before taking pictures.
  • All seminar supply costs must be paid in full on the final day of the seminar.

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